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I tell stories.


Through voiceover, I help shape the listener’s entertainment and educational experiences. I give voice to a character, whether she’s in a game, an advertisement or warmly informing and educating listeners like a trusted friend or expert.


Through improv, I explore a plot and discover characters, along with the audience, making it a communal story experience. Musical improv, which has been my bailiwick for many years, adds the extra challenge of seizing the sing-able moment and creating a lyrical spotlight in the story.


Some Past Voiceover Clients:


Big Fish Games

Holy Cross Hospital

Laureate Education

Burke Awards

Jon Snow Inc.

Energy Star

Pulte Homes

Ryan Homes

Washington Gas


Comedy and Improvisation:


Comedy Gears

Comedy Sportz

WIT's iMusical

Chinese Menu

Couch Potatoes (sketch)

You Can't Stay Here - The Institution Theater

I would love to help tell your story.


I would love to improvise with you to discover a new story.



Image © Iain A Wanless, Flickr

What I Do

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